Quality, Professional Skills, Improve Service

Jie Sheng has been making spindle and servo motors for more than two decades. Based in the heart of Taiwan’s industrial region, Jie Sheng has continued to strive to become a leader in its industry. The company has grown steadily since its beginning in 1996 and in 2015 moved into its new 15,000 sqft premises.

Strict Quality Control, Building Trust

At Jie Sheng we understand the importance of quality. In the fast-paced world of the machine tool industry, our customers cannot afford downtime. They rely on our motors being of the highest quality to ensure they do not have any unnecessary disruptions.

We perform rigorous quality control checks at every stage and our uncompromising attention to detail follows right through to the final check on completion of the unit. We keep complete documentation records on every unit we manufacture.

Over the past two decades Jie Sheng has also been dedicated to research and development of spindle servo motors. We are able to provide our customers with the best quality at a more reasonable price which helps them reduce their production costs whilst still remaining competitive.

All our motors are custom made according to the customer’s usage conditions and requirements.

We also offer maintenance services for AC motors that are 7.5kW or more.